Villas in Casablanca urbanisation

March 17th 2022 | by Ginés García

Villas in Casablanca urbanisation, beachfront on the Golden Mile

Vista aérea de urbanización Casablanca en la Milla de Oro de Marbella

Villas in Casablanca urbanisation, beachfront on the Golden Mile. This urbanization located on the border between Marbella centre and the Golden Mile is one of the most sought after by buyers.

It is an exclusive residential area where you can find some of the best properties for sale in Golden Mile, a very quiet gated community surrounded by everything we need. The beach, beach clubs, restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, petrol stations, hotels are all within a 300 metre radius.

Where is the urbanisation Casablanca?

200 metres from the Hotel Don Pepe Gran Meliá to the east, the urbanisation Casablanca is located at the beginning of the Golden Mile. To the west it is 800 metres from the Marbella Club Hotel.

In terms of distance to the beach, the southernmost properties are only 50 metres from the promenade. The furthest ones are about 300 metres from the sea.

Is the Casablanca urbanisation on the beachfront?

The urbanisation Casablanca is located on the beachfront on Marbella’s famous Golden Mile. The nearest properties are located on the beachfront, just 50 metres from the beach. The properties in the northern part of the development are about 300 metres from the beach and the promenade.

Can I walk to the beach from my villa in Casablanca?

Due to its proximity to the sea, walking to the beach from this urbanisation will not take more than a couple of minutes.

This urbanisation has direct access to the sea. Once there, a walk of about 10 minutes will take you to the beaches of Casablanca, La Fontanilla or Nagüeles.

How much is a villa in Casablanca?

The prices of villas in urbanization Casablanca vary according to the size of the villas and the plots. They are also influenced by the qualities or the date of construction. 

The most affordable villas can be purchased from 2.500.000€. The most expensive ones range from 3 to 5 million euros. 

Villa in Casablanca urbanisation

Villa in Casablanca urbanisation

How spacious are the villas in urbanisation Casablanca?

The built area varies between 200 square metres for the most economical villas. The most exclusive villas vary between 500 and 800 square metres.

As for the plots, there are significant differences. From 400 metres for the smallest plots to 1,500 metres for the largest villas.

Are there community fees in urbanization Casablanca?

Although these are individual villas, there is a small amount corresponding to the community fees. Thanks to this, the security costs are paid, as the streets of this urbanisation are fenced and controlled by security guards.

Although the costs vary depending on the property, most villas pay a small fee of around 50-60€.

Are the villas in urbanisation Casablanca newly built?

There are newly built villas, as well as some previously built villas. The first villas in this area were built back in the 1970s, with the emergence of Marbella as a luxury tourism destination.

Most of these villas have been refurbished or completely rebuilt. Those that have not are the ones that can be purchased at a more competitive price for refurbishment.

How far is it from Casablanca to Marbella centre and Puerto Banus?

The distance from this urbanisation to Marbella centre is very short, about 500 metres. You can reach the centre by taking a leisurely stroll along the main street or the promenade.

Puerto Banús is only 10 minutes away by car in a straight line. Thanks to its proximity we can visit the luxurious port in the blink of an eye. If we want to do a bit of sport, we can also take a 45-minute walk by the sea.

Where to do sport near urbanisation Casablanca?

Thanks to the proximity to the beach, the easiest option is the promenade. There you can go for a walk, jogging or cycling in the open air. From there you can enjoy more than 10 kilometres of promenade. From Puerto Banús to the east exit of Marbella centre (Río Real)

If you prefer to train in an enclosed area, with machines, guided classes and a heated swimming pool, you can go to Plaza del Mar Centro Wellness. Located on the beachfront, there we can do our favourite physical activities (spinning, yoga, pilates, zumba…) in a select environment.

Are there good restaurants next to Casablanca urbanisation?

Urbanisation Casablanca is located in one of the best areas to enjoy the best restaurants in Marbella.

Just a 15 minute walk away you can discover some of the most select restaurants in the city:

If we prefer to enjoy our breakfast or lunch on the promenade or the beach, we also find first class options:

Where to go shopping if I live in Casablanca?

To choose an outfit to dazzle our friends at a cocktail party we have several options. We can walk to the city centre, where we will find a multitude of shops. If we prefer to go to the shopping centre, we have two options, La Cañada Shopping or the Costa Marbella Shopping Centre.

If what we are looking for is to fill the fridge, we will find a Lidl supermarket and a Carrefour supermarket. The former within the confines of the Casablanca development itself and the latter just 50 metres away.

If we need to do a quick shopping at any time we also have 2 petrol stations less than 100 metres away.

Are there international schools close to Casablanca?

Less than 5 minutes drive away we have 2 international schools, the Swans International School and the French International School of Marbella.

We also have options if our children have moved on to secondary school. The British International School of Marbella is 500 metres away and the Marbella International University Centre is 800 metres away.

What are the urbanisations near Casablanca?

The urbanisations next to Casablanca are as follows:

Why is the Casablanca urbanisation so highly valued?

It is one of the best located urbanisations (between Marbella centre and the Golden Mile) and very close to the beach. This, together with its proximity to the beach, the security and the amount of services nearby. All this makes this urbanisation a fantastic option for the most demanding buyers.

Is Casablanca urbanisation secure?

With fenced streets and security checkpoint, this is a very safe area. It is also very close to many establishments and areas of great social activity. In addition to all this, the constant presence of the police makes it one of the safest areas of Marbella.

How to buy a villa in urbanisation Casablanca?

Due to its exceptional location, the demand for properties in urbanisation Casablanca is very high. On the other hand, the supply is quite low, which makes it very difficult to access them.

If you are interested in acquiring a property in this urbanization, the best thing to do is to trust in a real estate agency of guarantees. Nevado Realty, as a real estate agency with almost 30 years of experience in the area, is always aware of new properties for sale.

The best thing to do is to let us know what your preferences are. We will let you know as soon as a product comes on the market that matches your interests.

If in order to buy a villa in this urbanisation you need to sell your property first, do not hesitate to contact us. In Nevado Realty we offer a free valuation of your property without obligation. Our almost 30 years of experience as a real estate agency specialising in Casablanca is a guarantee.


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