How to sell a house in Marbella: steps to follow

August 7th 2020 | by José Naranjo

Como vender una casa en Marbella

With the latest events, experts in the tourism sector argue that inland tourism is going to become a more important option again.

In recent years, thanks to the emergence of low cost flight companies and other facilities, foreign destinations have been the priority.

Now most families are looking to get a property on the Spanish coast to spend the summers.

For this reason, many people who have summer houses in the Marbella area wonder how to sell and get the maximum profit.

The experts consider that it is a unique opportunity to put the properties of the summer areas for sale.

Fantastic villa, close to the beach. Ideal for vacation periods.

Steps to follow to sell a house in Marbella

Those who are wondering how to sell a house in Marbella must know a series of steps and requirements. This way they will be able to carry out the sale quickly, safely and obtain the maximum profit.

These steps are common to those that must be carried out in any other part of the country to sell a house.

In Marbella this takes on a vital importance, according to the real estate sector, it will be one of the points where there will be more competition.

It is essential to sell the houses with the greatest appeal and the best conditions for the buyer.

Always trying that this does not imply losing money or extending the offer in time indefinitely.

These are the main steps to take when someone asks how to sell their home in Marbella:

Home valuation

How much is my house worth? It is one of the main doubts that owners who offer a house for sale in Marbella have.

Determining the value of the property is one of the most important things to carry out a profitable sale for the owner.

No doubt that everyone who has a house for sale wants to get less money for it.

In that sense, the main thing is to be assisted by a professional who can appraise the property and set a fair price.

This price is in relation to the market values ​​at the current time, which makes the property competitive.

Setting a fair price is important

If the house sells for less money than appropriate, the seller will lose profit.

If the home is listed for much more than the home is worth, the sale will likely never happen.

Prepare your home for pictures and viewings

In the Marbella area, all homes are usually cared for and designed to get the most enjoyment out of them.

When putting the house up for sale, it is always important to do a ‘face lift’ to improve the attractiveness of the rooms.

Sometimes tidying and cleaning will be enough to get the best pictures and impress visitors.

In other cases, it will be convenient to paint or change part of the older furniture and in special circumstances it will be recommended to carry out some necessary repair.

All this is focused on seducing the visitor interested in buying the house from the first moment

In the long run, all these preparations will raise the final sale price.

La importancia

Prepare the documentation of the house for sale

Once you have an interested buyer, they will want to review all the paperwork and documentation related to the property in Marbella.

The seller will go one step ahead by preparing the relevant documentation:

– The deed.

– The property registration certificate.

– The energy efficiency certificate.

– The documentation that proves that the house has no loads.

All this can be obtained by the owner by going to the appropriate instances and offices. Another option is to leave these processes in the hands of an expert, who will be in charge of preparing everything quickly, easily and efficiently.

Reserve and sign in notary

Once the deal is accepted by both parties, it only remains to go with all the documentation to the notary’s office to carry out the exchange of the property.

This exchange will occur in exchange for a check, bank transfer or cash payment of the agreed amount.

Notaries work by appointment, so we advise to book in advance so that the final signing of the sale is not a problem.

C'omo vender tu cas

Why you should work with a real estate agency

In most cases, those who want to sell their house in Marbella choose a professional real estate agency.

These experts not only accompany the seller and the buyer throughout the process. They are also responsible for advertising the offer of the property for sale, appraise the house, obtain the documentation and everything necessary.

El equipo Nevado te ayuda a vender tu casa en Marbella

Desde Nevado Realty estamos encantados de ayudarte con la venta de tu propiedad.

With no doubt, a good time is approaching to sell a house in Marbella, and doing it in a professional way speeds up the processes.

In addition to providing the seller with the peace of mind that everything is done without any errors and with the greatest benefits in their favor.

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