Golden Visa or Spanish Visa, the best way to obtain your residence in Spain

November 13th 2020 | by José Naranjo


Panorámica de Marbella con logo de Golden Visa

Spanish Visa, popularly known “Golden Visa”


The Golden Visa or Spanish Visa is a visa for third-country nationals who are:

  • Investors.
  • Businessmen.
  • Highly qualified professionals.
  • Researchers.
  • Workers who carry out commercial operations between companies.

Spouses and children under the age of 18 are included.

Advantages of the Golden Visa

  • Quick residence permit.
  • Work permit throughout the Schengen area.
  • Possibility to apply for long-term residence after 5 years.
  • No tax residence or residence in Spain is required.
  • Indefinite renewal if we maintain our investment.

Golden Visa requirements

  • Buyers of real estate worth more than €500,000.
  • No criminal record in the last 5 years.
  • Demonstrate financial resources to maintain residence in Spain.
  • Public or private health insurance with a level of benefits similar to the Spanish system.

Your residence permit in Spain without bureaucratic issues

This law helps the speed of processing, generally establishing a resolution within 10 days for all visa applications relevant to this law.

The Residence Visa issued under this law is sufficient to live in Spain. No need to obtain a foreign identity document during the first year.


Who can benefit from the Golden Visa?

It can be requested by investors who make an investment in:

  • Properties located in Spain for at least € 500,000.
  • Shares in Spanish companies or bank deposits for € 1,000,000.
  • State bonds for € 2,000,000.
Flat with large terrace on Marbella's Golden Mile

Flat with large terrace on Marbella’s Golden Mile

Golden Visa in the real estate sector

Let’s focus now on the real estate sector. Goreigners who certify the acquisition of a property in Spain with an investment value equal to or greater than € 500,000 can apply for this visa.


Villa in Guadalmina, San Pedro Alcántara

In addition to the general requirements (passport, medical insurance, criminal record certificate, proof of financial solvency) the applicant must prove the acquisition of the property. It will do so by certification of the Property Registry that corresponds to the property.


Apartment in Marbella centre, next to the beach and the harbour

You just need to find your dream property, and then the Golden Visa process is simple, fast and easy. Nevado Realty helps you with the first part, and the Lex Bureau Abogados firm helps you with the Golden Visa.

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