Rent in Marbella, the best option to enjoy winter

September 18th 2020 | by José Naranjo

Rent in Marbella

Rent in Marbella, a paradise during the whole year

Rentals in Marbella is one of the preferred options for Spanish and foreigners, especially in winter. The 300 sunny days per year and an average temperature of around 20 degrees are the main asset of the city.

That is the reason for 35,523 foreign citizens to be registered in Marbella. There are different profiles of tenants looking for a home in Marbella:

  • Foreigners from cold countries looking to spend a mild winter.
  • Potential home buyers who decide to rent before buying to get to know the city properly.
  • Families looking for an international and cosmopolitan education for their children in Marbella.
  • Homeowners under construction or renovations.

Foreigners looking for a mild winter in Marbella

Countries like Sweden, England, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany … and in general the countries of northern Europe. These are the countries of origin of tenants who decide to settle in Marbella to enjoy a warm winter.

With minimum temperatures as low as -5º or -10º C, these countries make it difficult to enjoy social life in winter. While in November in Denmark we will find average temperatures of 0º to 5ºC, in Marbella we enjoy around 12º or 15ºC.

This, together with the huge number of golf courses, make the city on the Costa del Sol a paradise for residents of northern Europe.

Alquiler en Marbella

Marbella, paraíso todo el año

Potential home buyers

Buying a home can be a lengthy process, and many buyers choose to rent a home before making the purchase.

On the other hand, many are also those who decide to try the city before settling in it. In this way they can get to know the city before making an important decision such as buying a home.

Families who want the best education for their children

In Marbella, we find many bilingual schools of great international reputation. In many cases, families decide to enrol their children in these educational institutions so that they are properly trained and learn languages. This way they mix with the cosmopolitan atmosphere that is breathed in Marbella.

Rent in Marbella to get the best education for your kids

Some of the best international colleges, institutes and universities in Marbella:

Swans International College School

Deutsche Schule Málaga

Aloha College

Brittish International School of Marbella

English International College


Atalaya International College

The American College in Spain

Homeowners under construction or renovations

We all know the problems that come with a house refurbishing. It is a great annoyance that can increase (and greatly) our stress levels. This is why some residents choose to rent rather than suffer the constant hassle of renovations.

A similar case is that of those who buy off plan, but want to live in Marbella immediately. The construction of a villa can take up to 18 months. During this time many owners choose to live in other areas of the city.

Rentals in Marbella with purchase option accepted

Rentals with purchase option are one of the most requested products in Marbella. It is an opportunity to test a home. If, after rent in Marbella, we want to buy the house, we will not have lost our investment.

Villa de alquiler en Marbella

Luxury villa for rent in Sierra Blanca with panoramic views

Villa de lujo en alquiler con derecho a compra en Marbella

Semi-detached Villa for rent with purchase option in Marbella centre

Rentals in Marbella, prices

Marbella, as a luxury city, offers all kinds of options. From cheaper options to astronomical prices. We will focus on the most popular options.

Rent in Marbella above € 2.400

High-end rentals in Marbella offer great comfort, as well as a different type of housing. We will find penthouses, villas, luxury flats, townhouses… in the best locations.

Apartamento de lujo en alquiler en Marbella con vistas al mar

Luxury apartment in Sierra Blanca with sea views

Adosada en alquiler en Nagüeles

6 bedroom townhouses in Nagüeles

Alquiler en Las Cañas Beach, Marbella

Flat in Las Cañas Beach, beach first line


Rent in Marbella up to € 2,400

Located in a medium price range, we find some rental options that offer greater space and/or better location.

Penthouse for rent in Marbella, Nagüeles

3 bedroom penthouse in Nagüeles

Apartamento en alquiler lado playa en Marbella centro

Beach side 3 bedroom apartment in the heart of Marbella


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