Reasons to live in Marbella

August 14th 2020 | by José Naranjo

Sun, beach, tranquillity, dozens of leisure options, places with the best restaurants, luxury, rest … These are just some reasons to live in Marbella, which has become in recent years one of the main coastal destinations in Spain and Europe.

There are many people who are sure that living in Marbella is one of the decisions of their life, and that is why they find residence in Marbella. They want to find a good property in the city and take advantage of many of the benefits of this wonderful beach area of ​​the Andalusian community.

Marbella is not just what it seems: it is an enclave that every day offers something new to both tourists and sporadic visitors or those who live there all year round.

So much so that having a flat in Marbella has become a hallmark. Especially of those people who take life as an opportunity to enjoy and be happy to the extreme.

But why this particular area? What to do in Marbella to make it such a special city? Why choosing it? These are 5 reasons that will make you understand why living in Marbella is an unbeatable option.

5 reasons to live in Marbella

You just have to ask any Marbella citizen for them to list dozens of reasons why you should live in Marbella. There are varied opinions, due to the great heritage, cultural and leisure, beach and entertainment richness of the area. Most people agree on these five reasons:

1. Make the most of the family economy

Although it is not one of the cheapest areas in Spain, it is true that Marbella offers an exclusive and high quality area at moderate prices.

Those who notice this most are citizens of foreign countries such as the United Kingdom, who see how the price of a home in Marbella is very affordable.

Apartment in Puerto Banús

Affordable apartment in Puerto Banús, close the beach.

But Spanish families also discover that what Marbella offers is much more than what they can find in any other coastal area. This makes it a true enclave for families with children, retirees and even young couples!

2. Leisure for everyone

With no doubt, one of the greatest attractions of Marbella is that it has a catalogue of leisure activities for everyone. Golf is one of the main lures, get to know the best golf courses in Marbella.

Families can enjoy amusement parks and other entertainment offerings such as:

Selwo Adventure, a safari park where you can meet animals from the five continents.

Tivoli World, an excellent amusement park to spend fun family days.

Selwo Marina, park and dolphinarium to enjoy the marine fauna with the whole family.

But there is more: shows, discos, restaurants of the highest quality … Anyone, regardless of their lifestyle, will find activities to enjoy Marbella every day.

3. Excellent place to start a family

Marbella ‘sells’ the option of being a place for everyone, that is why it takes care of its children in the best possible way: providing them with an excellent education.

The different areas of the city have high quality public schools, with professional teachers adapted to the times, where they know how to make the most of the hours of teaching your children.

Best schools in Marbella:

Swan International College School

Aloha College

Brittish International School of Marbella

English International College

San José School

Alboran School

German School

Atalaya International College

4. Banish the cold and gain quality of life

What are people who want to settle in Marbella, in southern Spain, looking for? A soft climate, and Marbella is one of the best places for it.

The mild winters and less hot summers make the city an ideal place to take advantage of the hours on the street. Long walks, breakfasts under the sun a few meters from the sea, hours and hours on the terrace of the house, reading … All this is what people who wonder what to do and where to live in Marbella are looking for.

There are more than 300 sunny days that Marbella offers its inhabitants and the average temperature is ideal to banish the coats.

5. Take advantage of one of the best coasts in Europe

If Marbella is so popular for something, no doubt it is for the quality of its beaches. The Marbella coast is one of the most interesting in the entire European geography and that is why it is a destination chosen by people from almost every country in the world. Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, France, Belgium, the countries of the Middle East or Switzerland are some source countries.

To live in those kilometres of coast is to do it in a place created for rest and enjoyment.

Where to live in Marbella

Being such a striking and demanded destination, it is complex to decide on an area to live in Marbella. Having flats in places like Marbella Centre or East, Puerto Banús or Golden Mile are good options and usually recommended by the real estate experts.

The decision of choosing to visit one or the other and checking which one we fall in love with is the first step for your new life in Marbella.

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