Estate agents in Marbella, investing in luxury is good business

May 15th 2019 | by support

Investing in luxury residences is good business, and doing it through an estate agent in Marbella is the best way to acquire them with full assurance. More and more, national investors and, especially, investors from abroad, acquire this type of house to live in themselves or to rent out for a good profit. The subsequent rental of these luxury properties equates to an occupation of 90% in Madrid, with a similar percentage seen in cities of equal size, such as Barcelona, Valencia or privileged coastal enclaves like Marbella.

Keys to acquisition

Let’s see what some of the most important points are when buying luxury apartments for sale in Marbella or any other residence in the same sector.

Acquisition through an agent

For an investment that offers the best guarantees, it is important to go through an estate agent who specialises in the luxury sector. It is possible to buy properties in the centre of Marbella by yourself, but being able to do it under the best conditions and to a high standard is within the reach of only a few agents. Moreover, an agency with extensive experience in the sector will help by proceeding with the relevant formalities. They even guide the client through the requirements of the Golden Visa.


Not every residence that involves a high investment is a good acquisition. It depends on lots of factors, and one of the main ones is location. Whether you want to buy a villa for sale in Marbella, an apartment or any other type of property, a key feature is the location.

When buying an apartment, it is also important to consider the condition the building is in, the facilities offered by the housing estate and by the area surrounding the property.

Characteristics of the property

A third key to acquiring a luxury property is its features. There are all shapes and sizes: from smaller apartments to chalets with a swimming pool, land and other facilities. Location is key in the selection of features, and prices vary in consideration of these two factors.

Golden Visa, an attractive feature

Another reason for the increase in the acquisition of luxury residences in Marbella lies in the ability to obtain the Golden Visa or residence in exchange for investment. This special residence is granted to those who purchase a property (house, commercial premises, land, apartment or combined properties) whose value is greater than 500,000 euros.

The Golden Visa has some very appealing benefits:

  • It permits movement throughout a large number of European countries: Switzerland, Slovakia, Sweden, Luxembourg, Malta, Slovenia, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, France, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Latvia, Italy, Iceland, Estonia, Lithuania and Finland.
  • It is valid for two years and can be continuously renewed for similar periods.
  • It allows the investor to have a tax address in a country other than Spain.
  • In addition to the person listed as occupant or owner, it is possible to request that the Golden Visa includes their children (as long as they are under 18) and their spouse.

An estate agent in Marbella will help the investor to choose the best property by considering various aspects such as location and square metres. Putting your trust in this estate agent allows you to acquire a property with complete assurance.

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