7 Advices if you want to sell your home for the first time

January 19th 2017 | by Ginés García


7 advices for sell your home the first time


Selling your home is a challenge. Even more difficult for the first time. Nowadays, there are a lot of articles about buying a house, but when we need advice to sell your home thing changes. That´s the reason we would like help you with these useful 7 advices:


Be flexible and realistic 

The price is the most important element in a sale process. You should consider to be flexible in the price, because you have to assume that the buyer will want to negotiate with you. Moreover, you have to be aware about area market prices, as well as, keep in mind the price that a buyer would be willing to pay for your home. During this process it is really important be objective and get advice from professionals.


The first weeks are crucial

At this time, if the price is according to the market, you will receive a lot of enquires. The ability to show your home to any potential buyer is a must.


Invest in improvements

You should attract the attention of potential buyers. It does not consist out of making a big investment. Rather, we have to improve the potential of the house. For example, painting the walls or remove some furniture to achieve a maximum use of space… etc.


Always show the house tidy and clean

First impressions count. You have to pay attention to details. You should create a positive atmosphere in the house. Showing your property is a challenge because it needs preparation.  The first time that a potential buyer visits your home some details could be a decisive factor. You have to be aware about taking advantage of natural light, highlight strong sides, ensure that the temperature and odour are pleasant, remove personal decorative elements…etc.


Objective attitude

The buyer has to imagine living in your home in the future so it is really important that the buyer feels comfortable during the visit. You have to try not to interfere in the explanations given by the real estate agent. And do not take any negative comments personal.


Give away extras

Furniture or white goods can be a negotiation tool. You have to be sure that the buyer is really interesting in your home. In this case, you can get the attention of the potential buyer to the negotiation room by offering extras instead of lower the price and facilitate your move!


Use professional advice

If you do not have experience in the real estate sector it is to be recommended using a professional opinion. Selling a property is a difficult process and only an expert real estate agent can manage it successfully. A professional real estate agent could offer various services to make the sale as fast and successful as possible. Real estate agents have a portfolio of clients, organize and manage the appointments and prepare the marketing campaign of our property. It is important to choose a qualified, experienced and trustworthy real estate agency.


At Nevado Realty we would like to help you with the process of selling your home. We are experts in luxury properties in Marbella since 1994. Contact us and put in practice this use useful 7 advice to sell your house in a successful and care free way.


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