Celebrate Mother’s Day in Marbella

April 29th 2021 | by Ginés García

Mother's Day

Origin of Mother’s Day

This weekend Mother’s Day is celebrated in Marbella, in Spain and in many countries around the world. It is always a good time to show our love and gratitude to a mother.

As every first Sunday in May, we celebrate this important day with our mothers. Spending time together with the whole family is the best gift we can give her.

Already in ancient Greece, tribute was paid to Rhea, mother of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. Three days of festivities dedicated to Cybele, Goddess of Mother Earth. Roman and Catholic traditions continued this tradition.

Date of Mother’s Day

In Spain, Mother’s Day is currently celebrated on the first Sunday in May. In this way it is linked to spring and the renewal of life. Although until 1965 the celebration of this day was on the 8th of December, a date linked to the Immaculate Conception. 

Mother’s Day in Marbella

Marbella is a fantastic place to celebrate Mother’s Day with the family. The first thing to do is to wish our mother a good day with a big bouquet of flowers and a nice breakfast. We can bring her breakfast in bed or invite her to have breakfast in the sun in our garden or in a café.

Villa en Marbella centro con vistas al mar

Villa in Marbella centre with sea views, ideal for Mother’s Day breakfast.

Charming cafés for a breakfast with mum:

A stroll with the family

After breakfast, we can take a leisurely stroll through some of Marbella’s most charming spots. Depending on whether we are going with small children or not, we can choose different options:

Villa en la Milla de Oro de Marbella

Villa on Marbella’s Golden Mile, perfect for a large family.

Family lunch

After our walk, enjoying the city and its charms, we will be hungry for a family lunch. Some of the best restaurants for a family lunch:

  • Sea Grill, a luxury option within Puente Romano Beach Resort.
  • Trocadero Playa, ideal for enjoying the sun and the beach. If we go with children, they can play on the beach while we watch them from the table.
  • La Navilla, perfect for savouring the best fish overlooking the sea.
  • Takumi, sushi for the whole family in the centre of Marbella!


After a busy day, we can end Mother’s Day with an afternoon of shopping. Depending on our style, we can choose different places to lose ourselves among the shops:

  • Puerto Banús. ideal if we are looking for high-end products, with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Channel, Dolce & Gabbanna, Phillipp Plein, Hackett, etc…
  • Marbella’s Old Town. The best option if we are looking to stay in touch with the city and feel the warmth of the people and the life of the city.
  • La Cañada Shopping Centre. With almost 300 different firms, it is the best alternative if we want to have everything at hand, without having to walk too far.

Villa en Marbella Este con amplia parcela

Villa in Marbella East with large plot


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