Nevado Realty celebrates International Working Women’s Day

March 7th 2021 | by Ginés García

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Tomorrow is 8M, that’s why Nevado Realty celebrates International Working Women’s Day. It is a date indicated in our calendar.

Why is Women’s Day important to us? At Nevado Realty we have always been aware of the enormous potential of women. Old cliches and discrimination have no place in our offices.

We have always trusted women. In fact, our staff is always 70-90% female. Thanks to their help, effort, dedication and professionalism, Nevado Realty has become one of the most important real estate agencies in Marbella.


The International Day of Working Women in Marbella

Activities organized by the Marbella Town Hall to commemorate Women’s Day:

  • In the educational centers of Marbella and San Pedro, classes will be given on the prevention of gender violence in the educational context. Working on prevention in such an important aspect is crucial for the proper development of our young people.
  • Concert “Luminous Shadows”. Music show about literary women, scientists, politicians and artists is about helping to understand the legacy of women who changed history. From March 8th to March 31st.
  • Monologue “Women who fly”. An attempt will be made to dismantle the stigma that has always dogged intelligent and intuitive women. Women who were once branded as witches and burned at the stake.
  • Cycle of seminars: “Improve your employability”. Getting better and better paid jobs is one of the keys to continue breaking the existing inequality. To improve our skills, we have these 3 seminars offered by videoconference:
    • “Differentiating external and internal factors of unemployment”. March 16 from 10:30 to 11:30.
    • “Workshop on basic digital skills for job search”. March 23rd from 10:30 to 11:30.
    • “Trust your possibilities and take action.” March 30th from 10:30 to 11:30.


Marbella, a great city for working women

Marbella is an excellent city for women if you are looking to establish a thriving business or a hard-to-find lifestyle. Both for single women who want to thrive, as married women seeking to reconcile work and family life, Marbella always has something to offer.

Ático en Milla de Oro con vistas panorámicas

Penthouse on the Golden Mile overlooking the beach, perfect for a working woman

Single women in Marbella

Those women who want to empower themselves and break through the business world will have a great opportunity in Marbella. The tourism sector and real estate are some of the ways to grow economically.

But they are not the only ones. In recent years, multiple international companies have established their businesses in Marbella. The cosmopolitan environment, the concentration of capital or the quality of life (something with which to attract human capital), favor this trend.

Businesses with an international vocation and/or oriented to the luxury sector are those that prosper the most in Marbella.

Adosada en Milla de Oro

Townhouse in Nagüeles, ideal for a quiet family life


Work and family conciliation

The large amount of labor available in our city will make it easier to find a job that meets our needs.

On the other hand, the Costa del Sol is booming as an international telework center. This favors the possibility of reconciling work and family more easily.

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