What is home staging and how to apply it to sell your luxury home

May 28th 2020 | by José Naranjo

Qué es el home staging y cómo aplicarlo para vender tu vivienda de lujo

There are many ways to speed up the sale of a property. But if in addition to selling the house we want to get the most out of it, it is important that we know the home staging, what it is and how it is used to make a home more attractive to buyers.

What is home staging?

It is a commercial technique with deep roots in the United States, where it has been used for more than four decades. In fact, there are even television shows that show us some examples of home staging.

As for Spain, this technique has been applied for about a decade, especially in luxury homes in Marbella, demonstrating that it can give very positive results.

It is about improving the image of a home so that it is more attractive to potential buyers. In some cases, it is enough to do a good image wash and redecorate, but in others, it is advisable to make a small reform.

Practising this type of real estate marketing has a cost, but what is sought is that the house is sold fast and at the best possible price, so in most cases that expense becomes an investment that helps you earn more with your property.

Why use home staging?

What the home staging is looking for is adapting the home to what the buyer profile that may be interested in it is looking for. Because we know that, if the house is not completely adjusted to the taste of visitor, it will take longer to make a decision on the purchase and will be more willing to negotiate the price downwards under the excuse that it has to make reforms.

Since 2017, the budget assigned to homes for sale has been increased by up to 5 % and it is determined that homes that go through this process sell up to eight times faster than those that do not.

The price also goes up when the aesthetics of the house improves and adapts to the profile of the potential client. In almost 40% of cases, there have been increases of up to 25 % in the sale price.

How to apply home staging

In-home staging the techniques vary depending on whether the house is new or renovated or if it is an inhabited or old house. If it is a new or recently renovated home, all the effort must be made in the decoration. For this, you can choose rented furniture and even. In this way, we show the potential buyer all the value they can get from the house.

In the case of properties that have not been renovated in some time, the first thing to do is give a coat of paint, preferably in neutral and bright shades such as white. Repair the most visible defects (scatches on doors, a leaky faucet, among other defects that may have appeared over the years), depersonalize the home and remove old-fashioned furniture.

By presenting the potential buyer with a clean, bright, well-kept and well-decorated space, we make their impression of the house much more positive, thereby increasing their desire to buy it. Now that you know what home staging is and how to apply it, do you want to put it into practice? Get in touch with us and we will facilitate the process.

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