Teleworking in Marbella

October 9th 2020 | by José Naranjo

Foto del amanecer

Sunrise in Marbella, any winter day – Picture taken on October 9th, 2020


Teleworking in Marbella, work at 20º with sea views!

According to, teleworking is: “a flexible form of work organization that consists of the performance of professional activity without the physical presence of the employee in the company during an important part of its working hours. It encompasses a wide range of activities and it can be done full or part time ”.

The new digital society in which we live encourages these types of jobs, in which the worker can carry out their work from home.

Although it was already a growing trend, the arrival of the pandemic has multiplied it. The number of companies and workers that adhere to this option has grown enormously.

Townhouse with sea views next to the golf course, ideal for teleworking in the best conditions


Advantages of teleworking in Marbella

The advantages are multiple, not only for the worker, but also for the company and even for the ecology.

  • Reduction of travel, which saves time and money in transport. This means a reduction in time spent at work, without affecting performance. It also helps with a decrease in gases derived from transport activity.
  • Greater flexibility in working hours, which allows us a greater conciliation and adapt our tasks to our availability.
  • More autonomy to travel. We can take the office with us on our computer.
  • Freedom on issues such as costumes or flexible hours.

Apartment in Marbella center next to the promenade


The appeal of Marbella as an international telework center

Recently, the Foro Asesor de Extranjeros Residentes (Resident Foreigner Advisory Forum) highlighted the attractiveness of Marbella as an international teleworking center. The level of services that Marbella offers is similar to that of any European capital, but with enviable weather conditions.

This appeal has always been around. But the increasing digitization and the crisis caused by COVID-19 have multiplied this trend.

Penthouse in an exclusive area to work in the best possible conditions


Why is Marbella better for telecommuting?

Despite factors such as digitization and possible confinements, why is Marbella the best option?

The answer is simple. Berlin or Stockholm can be fantastic cities to live in. Living in a big city, the impressive cultural and social life, the great infrastructures… These are some of the advantages.

But what is all this useful to us in a situation of confinement? Why do we want to live in a big city if we are one of those who enjoy the little things in life, like a walk by the sea or a breakfast in the sun in our garden?

This has made many teleworkers reflect, who have seen Marbella and teleworking as an insurmountable combination.

Apartment between Marbella center and Golden Mile, quiet and well connected area


Many tourists with second homes who have visited the city in summer will stay during the fall, both nationals and foreigners. Reasons that attract second home owners in Marbella to stay in the fall:

  • Quality of life offered by the city. Average temperature hovering around 15-20 degrees during autumn and winter and the lack of rainfall.
  • Lack of large crowds of people in neighborhoods, especially in large residential areas.
  • Provision of quality services typical of a big city.
  • Sustainable city model.

All these advantages make Marbella a priority destination for those who telecommute. If we have to work from home, it is better to do it from a house with a garden, from a sun-drenched terrace or from a living room with sea views.

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