Why Buy and How much does a penthouse for sale cost in Marbella?

October 27th 2017 | by Ginés García

A penthouse apartment in Marbella Centre is perhaps the essence of modern high class living. City centre location, panoramic sea, coast, mountain and urban views and every luxurious convenience imaginable. But with prices as high as the high rise residential developments, most people never get the opportunity to make the dream a reality.

Unique Penhouse for sale in Marbella Centre

163-02414P Unique corner penthouse in Don Gonzalo with breathtaking panoramic views and private pool

But just how much does a penthouse for sale in Marbella cost today and what are the attractions to living in one?

A penthouse is a luxury apartment on the top floor of a block, and often takes up the space of two or more apartments on floors below. For instance, a typical floor may have four properties on it, whereas the top level may house two very spacious penthouse suites. A common feature of penthouse apartments is a roof terrace, roof garden or an expansive balcony.

A penthouse property offers a unique bubble of peace and quiet and a chance to look down on rushing city life. It is not just the views, but also the central city position which keeps the price of penthouses sky high.

Due to its great views and luxury features, penthouses are typically 5% to 15% pricier than other units in the same building. However, if you’re tempted to pay up, you should make sure it’s worth the extra money.

As this unique corner penthouse for sale with breathtaking panoramic views and private pool. Located in one of the most luxe and prestigious buildings in Marbella Centre, Don Gonzalo, known for its beautiful marble facade, is one of the most luxurious and safe complexes located on the second line beach with spacious communal areas with lush gardens, fountains and walk areas with night lighting.

How penthouses went from being unhealthy and ugly to luxurious homes for artists and visionaries.

Penthouse apartments were born in the 1920s, when a robust economy sparked a construction boom in New York City, in which luxury apartments with to-die-for views were established on the top floors of many buildings.

Until 1922, spaces directly below a building roof were contaminated with soot, debris and construction materials, and were therefore considered unrentable.

Would you like to enjoy privacy, comfort and elegance in Marbella without giving up on living close to everything?

Have a look this stunning penthouse for sale in the heart of the Marbella Golden Mile.  The penthouse is just a few minutes from the beach, restaurants, cafes and luxury hotels and a 5´drive to Puerto Banus. Every room has access to the large private east-south and west facing terrace surrounding all the penthouse with electric sun blinds over the porch.

Have some penthouse related questions? With years of experience buying and selling penthouses in Marbella Centre and Golden Mile, Nevado Team will advise you in the most effective and efficient way. Contact us today!

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