Marbella, new destiny for the United Estates

August 2nd 2010 | by Ginés García

It seems that the visit of Michelle Obama to the Costa del Sol has done that the United States whatched towards Marbella as preferred tourist destiny. In only two days important trips of incetives that had their determined destiny, have modified their plans by the one of Marbella.

This advertising campaign that the visit of the first North American lady is going to do to the Coast is pricelees. The information that will be offered foreseeably on the destiny of Marbella will be enormously positive, according to the experience and the mediatic analysis of other similar tourist trips of great personages public.

Difficult to equal or to surpass as positive communication for a tourist destiny. The analysis of the considered results of the study is impressive. It is considered that 660 televisions worldwide will include information on the trip in their programming: of the heart previous or later news article and, programs, news connections direct related to the trip. The wireless numbers are equal of forceful with presence in 900 transmitters. The considered value of these informative impacts, it is is compared with his cost like publicity, with oscillate around 800 million Euros.

And Best Realty is sure that once visited Marbella and the Costa del Sol by the American tourism, this will be hit so that will end up buying properties in the zone.  Next we informed to them into some interesting options.

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